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Guild recruitment
Apr 10, 11 11:17 AM
Recruitment status
Aug 12, 10 3:35 PM
Old World Raiding
Apr 19, 10 8:35 AM
Cataclysm - Class Changes
Apr 8, 10 7:45 AM
April Fool's Day 2010
Apr 1, 10 7:21 AM
Recruitment Status
Recruitment Needs
Lythium's Officers
Welcome to Lythium!

Currently we are (re)starting raids and hiring new members and former raid buddies on the EU-realm: Argent Dawn.

Everyone who would like to join into Lythium's raiding community will have to submit an application on the forum. Please read up on the given rules before applying to join our community and follow the application template for filling in your player details.

Also, you might wanna check out our raid schedule to see if it would fit your time/needs.

Feel free to look around and we look forward to welcome you as our new member.
Other Guild News

Guild recruitment

ConCura, Apr 10, 11 11:17 AM.
The Cataclysm did hit the old world pretty hard, but right now we're pretty used to all the changes so far.

That's why we started the guild Lythium @ Argent Dawn (EU) in preparation for end game raiding (and older raids ofcourse). At this point we're recruiting new members to join in our guild and pretty much everyone is welcome!

If you would like to join in on raids later on, we advice you to fill in an application as soon as possible, so we will be able to update the recruitment status and get a nice and complete group together by the time we all hit 85.

Included in our new guild will be guild runs through instances, helping out guildmembers (for example: group quests, profession needs). Ofcourse we also need to level up our guild to achieve levels and get some rewards.

For more information you can contact ConCura or Caírne @ Argent Dawn (EU). To get invited to our guild you can contact any of the members as shown here: . Until further notice all members are able to invite new members so join in on the fun!

Recruitment status

ConCura, Aug 12, 10 3:35 PM.
Alrighty., so what roles/classes are needed most at this time to get our raiding to start you wonder.?

Well., let's help you out on that one..:

1. Two tanks (warrior, druid and/or deathknight)
2. One healer (druid or shaman)
3. Four dps (pretty much every class is welcome)

This., ofcourse., is what we need to start 10-man raids.. In case of hybrid classes or dual-spec the numbers might change a bit (for example if I would be tanking on my druid instead of healing on my priest)., but in general this should give you an idea..

So in case you know anyone who wants to start raiding or is already in raids., but has time to join in on ours., then feel free to have them apply to Lythium and let's see if we can get started soon.. 

A big mooooooo for ya'll..

Old World Raiding

ConCura, Apr 19, 10 8:35 AM.
Lythium is alive for some time now, but sadly we're not receiving much applications for new members yet.

Since we're currently not raiding any Wrath of the Lich King content we've decided to get our small forces together to run "old-world" raids. There's not a schedule available at the moment for these runs, but as soon as we're planning a run it will be updated under our events.

We'll be running through raids to see what can be completed with our small army and where we'll end up. We will be starting off with classic raids, followed by raids added after the Burning Crusade. In addition we might go through instances where our focus is on the ones not yet completed by members (achievement runs).

If you would like to join in on our "old-world"-raiding, feel free to sign up. Keep in mind that these will be fun raids only and that we're still looking for members to join us and get started with our progression raids.

Cataclysm - Class Changes

ConCura, Apr 8, 10 7:45 AM.
Ok, so far we have been reading updates on (some) of the coming class changes for the Cataclysm expansion.

To further read up on all known changes so far, follow the links below:

  Death Knight

I guess we can say that (as usual) some changes will be received as good, as well some as bad. In general I like all changes so far and believe that they will figure out during the design- and testphase(s) and from public remarks online and on their forums how to implement and/or adjust these changes when Cataclysm goes live.

Keep updated!

April Fool's Day 2010

ConCura, Apr 1, 10 7:21 AM.
At last, here it is! The april fool's day Blizzard has come up with for this year.

For those entering the Armory, they will notice a change pretty neat: they've become a tuskarr.. Also the achievements have been altered in a way. Gained/looted items are now "ninjaed" as well as other "cheesed" achievements.

I say: well done Blizzard, I lol'd =)

Also, there is this epic Neural Interface for only $ 14,999,00 which is (don't ask me how in this short amount of time) completely sold out already! :( Oh well., was only meant to be there for one day anyway.

Last, but not least we got the Equipment Potency EquivalencE Number (EPEEN). LoL'Z.!
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